Putting a New Spin on Toast


If you visited a major coastal city with a large population of hipsters in the past 5 years, there’s a good chance that you came across a menu featuring “toast.” Sliced or mashed avocados and toasted bread have been friends for a really long time, but avocado toast caught on as an Instagrammable sensation somewhere between 2010 and 2014. What is it about avocado toast that makes people not think twice about paying $10 for a slice of bread and toppings? It’s simple and delicious…but, in our humble opinion, it’s time for an update. That’s why Orange Door Kitchen is rocking a toast menu at our Fugitive at the Door live music nights for the next 4 months. We think it’s high time that West Acton had a spot to get great toast (for less than $10, mind you) and we can’t wait for you to explore this fabulous canvas for culinary creativity with us.

But first, what makes toast such a fun concept to play with?

  1. The foundation is solid, yet versatile: Let’s face it…toasted bread is delicious (thanks to the Maillard Reaction, and apologies to our gluten-free friends). Savory, nutty, crunchy, and chewy, the flavor base that bread brings to the table complements a wide range of possible toppings. And, oh the variety! A toast made with sourdough is completely different than a toast made with brioche.

  2. The canvas is stacked: When plating food, every chef has to decide how much distance they want to put between the individual components of the dish. Deconstructed salads, for example, have a lot of space between ingredients so that eaters can create unique flavor combinations as they eat. Sandwiches, on the other hand, have very little space between ingredients so that eaters can enjoy the chef’s intended flavor combination in every bite. Toast, like an open faced sandwich, has a small footprint, which means that ingredients are layered on top of one another, creating delicious bites that are thought out ahead of time for the eater’s enjoyment.

  3. The toppings lean into the basics: Food tastes amazing when it contains the basic components of salt, fat, acid, and heat (great cookbook, fun show!) . Toast (and not just avocado toast) can carry all four of these elements with ease. Start with heated bread, layer on a schmear of something creamy and fatty, add something pickled or tossed in a vinaigrette, and then finish with a something salty. Toast supports ingredients that are smooth and crunchy, cool and warm…it’s an amazing vehicle for satisfying eats.

Can you tell that we’re excited about toast? Join us at our bi-weekly Wednesday night toast pop-up for live music and this great little menu:

“Otto”: Smashed Chick Pea “Shawarma”, Pickled Turnips, Micro Cilantro, Dill Yogurt Sauce, and Za’atar on Pita

“And-Do-Ya?”: Nduja, Manchego, Pickled Onions, Arugula, and Egg Yolk Bottarga on Country Bread

“Butter Stuff”: Butternut Squash, Caramelized Onions, Tart Cherries, Local Ricotta, Kampot Pepper, Mint, and Pistachios on Country Bread

“Harpa”: Smoked Trout Pate, Capers, and Cornichons on Muti-Grain

“Sweet San Fran”: Almond Butter, Local Honey, Flambéed Banana, Cinnamon, and Da Lat on Multi-Grain

Cheers! Salud! Prost! Sláinte! Toast!