Portrait Naming Contest!


If you have ever visited Orange Door Kitchen, you’ll probably remember the three black and white portraits that hold court over guests in our dining room. The portraits are not of people, but of farm animals - a cow, a pig, and a sheep - that capture three vivid and unique personalities on film. Most people think that it is an odd choice to feature this art in our dining room, but the photos, like the animals themselves, mean a lot to us. While we have never met that cow, that pig, or that sheep, they represent all of the farm animals that are raised for the purpose of one day becoming food. They represent our commitment to sourcing humanely raised and slaughtered meat for Orange Door Kitchen that comes from animals who have had a very good life and one bad day. They represent our gratitude for the lives of these beasts and for the farmers who cared for them along the way. They remind us to stick to our principles, even when it’s more expensive and less convenient than factory farmed alternatives.

If you were wondering why we care about farm animals so deeply, hop in the way-back-machine to read Chris’ blog post from 2016, in which he recalls an experience from 2013.


And now that you’re back in the present, we wanted to breathe a little fun into the heavy topic of animal husbandry with a portrait naming contest. The cow, pig, and sheep that watch over our dining room need names and we would love your input! To enter the contest, follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook and leave a comment on the contest post. Make sure to let us know which name belongs to which animal, and if you want to share stories about your name choices, we’d love to read them. Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, and on how well the name matches the “personality” of the animal portrait. Orange Door Kitchen will pick the top two finalists for each animal and winners will be selected by social media voting at the end of May. Winners will receive a $15 gift card to Orange Door Kitchen that’s good for co-working, retail purchases, or any class, tasting, or dinner at ODK!