Orange Door Cookbook Club


Who doesn’t love a good cookbook? At a time when we find ourselves reading 90% of written content on a screen, the act of cracking open a cookbook for the first time is kind of magic. We can delight in the solid feel of the paper, the new book (or old library) smell, the eye-candy photos, the methodical nature of the recipes, and in all of the effort that went into the creation of a useful trove of information! Cookbooks are aspirational, inspirational, and to any home cook like me, educational. In the year since we opened Orange Door Kitchen, Chris and I have spent a lot of time reading and talking with our colleagues and guests about cookbooks. We know that we’re not the only ones obsessed with collecting and exploring cookbooks, so by popular demand, we’re starting a cookbook club for our community!

Orange Door Kitchen will be the club’s home base, and we plan to host a book-driven potluck once a month, starting in September. Here’s how it will work:

  • Become a member of the Orange Door Cookbook Club (ODCC) for free! Simply sign up online to receive emails about upcoming books and events.

  • RSVP to ODCC events on Eventbrite. We’ll post 20 tickets for each event at $5 each. This small price of admission helps us cover some of the fixed costs that come with hosting events at Orange Door Kitchen. Tables, chairs, dinnerware, silverware, and napkins all included!

  • Pick up a copy of the month’s featured book for 10% off retail from The Silver Unicorn Bookstore (our neighborhood book retailer and cookbook club partner) or from your favorite book seller or library.

  • Pick at least 1 recipe from the featured book to cook. By the time we get started in September, we’ll have a system to track who’s bringing what to avoid duplicates.

  • Cook your selected recipe according to the book’s listed ingredients and instructions, with as little deviation as possible. Let’s experience that author’s work together!

  • Join us on the night of the event with a hunger for new food and rich conversation! Because so many cookbooks these days have beautifully written prose alongside the recipes, we plan to dive into discussion about the author’s thoughts in addition to talking about everyone’s food contributions.

Orange Door Kitchen is the perfect place for a cookbook club. We have space to lay out a beautiful potluck buffet, the cooking equipment you might need to chill or reheat your dish, a big table to sit around for tasting and talking, and a carefully curated selection of fabulous wines, beers, and spirits to enjoy with the evening’s food.

We would love for you to join us if you are as crazy for cookbooks as we are! Read on! Cook on!