Business Resources

The following experts have been carefully curated by the team at Orange Door Kitchen to help you grow your business, improve your systems and provide support for your projects. All of the vendors below are offering either a free consultation or discounted rates for Orange Door Kitchen resident businesses.


Accounting & Finance


Ava Vatsky - Quickbooks pro-advisor & Bookkeeper

“I love helping fellow small-business owners run the most profitable business that they can!”

I'm a veteran of the food industry, most recently having owned an artisan caramel popcorn company. Many people are surprised to learn that my favorite part wasn't the popcorn or the was managing the numbers! I love figuring out what things cost to make, how much you can sell them for, and how to organize numbers so that they tell a story...the story of your business!

Offer for Residents: Free Consultation!

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Jessica Robison - graphic, branding & web designer

Jessica has over a decade of experience in design for both large and small companies. Currently, her passion is helping emerging lifestyle brands define who they are and elevate themselves visually and expand their digital presence. She has worked with Rue La La, Philips, Vistaprint, and startups like Shack with the Chef, Nourishing Labs, and She's to help bring authority to brands and delight to customers. She has a photography art direction background and can help you with anything from designing a logo or website, to creating a beautiful and actionable Instagram feed. She has been a designer for over 15 years and has worked in the New York and Boston area. However, she is local to Acton now and loves help build the food and beverage scene locally.

Offer for Residents: Free Consultation!

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Marketing & Communication

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Paul Mcmahon - MAM Communications

Paul consults on marketing, communications, strategic planning and sales/distribution. He has run the marketing departments for a regional chocolate manufacturer and a global technology corporation, and launched his own chocolate company, The Happy Chocolatier. Paul has developed marketing programs to launch numerous new products taking them from concepts to the marketplace. He has a successful track record of increasing market penetration and growing revenue for a variety of products and services over the last 25 years.

Paul brings a unique perspective that combines corporate marketing discipline and knowledge, along with entrepreneurial savvy. 

Areas of specialty: Communications, Brand Strategy, Public Relations, Crisis Communications, Content Marketing, Social and Digital Media Marketing, Corporate and Product Positioning, Market Research, Customer Engagement, Promotions (Trade and Consumer), Strategic Planning, B2B and B2C Marketing.

Offer for Residents: Free Consultation!

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Strategy & Planning


MICHAEL LEVITON - food systems & Restaurant consultant

Michael Leviton’s career pathway as a chef has been forged by a belief in sustainable change. After seventeen years at Lumière, four at Area Four, eight James Beard Foundation Award nominations and honors from Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, Gourmet and Saveur, he has stepped away from the day to day of the kitchen. As a founder of Region Foodworks and through his work with Marlo Marketing, Michael is now expanding his reach by focusing his time and talent on projects and partnerships that demonstrate the promise of broadening food systems sustainability. He is long-time member, and former Board Chair of the Chefs Collaborative, as well as a member of the Chef Action Network, an Impact Program of the James Beard Foundation. Having attended two Chefs Boot Camps for Policy and Change, Michael continues to build on his advocacy for a sustainable future. A longtime advocate for sustainable seafood and fisheries, Leviton is also on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Blue Ribbon Task Force.

Offer for Residents: Free Consultation!

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