Food, or more so the experience of eating together, is central to our relationship and to the memories that we have created over the years. From our first “date" at a Mongolian grill in Richmond (with a group of 20 friends), to the first meal that we cooked together in our tiny apartment kitchen (from a Rachel Ray cookbook), to the first World's Top-50 restaurant that we saved up to splurge on (in Sweden), the highlights of our lives are threaded together by the act of sharing food with the people we love. 

As two New Englanders who now grow, cook, eat, and advocate for good food, we are consistently amazed by its power to create community. When we began the Orange Door Supper Club in 2015, we wanted to share food and stories with as many people as we could without quitting our day jobs.

Every supper we hosted was unique, personal, soul satisfying, and vastly different than anything that we had experienced at a traditional restaurant.  

After a year of operating the club as a hobby, we realized that we actually did want to quit our day jobs to share the Orange Door experience with a larger audience.  Thus, Orange Door Hospitality was born!  Creating community is central to our mission and we make decisions for our business with the hope that our work - cooking delicious food together - might turn into a special memory for someone else.

Our Team

Orange Door Hospitality is the collaborative venture of husband and wife team, Chris and Meredith Powell.


Chris is our Executive Chef and Operations Manager. He worked for seven years on the consumer packaged goods side of the food and beverage industry, focusing on sales and supply chain management. He is a self-taught cook who not only understands flavors and food, but who also has a knack for meticulous planning that helps execute an event from the first idea to the last dish cleaned. Chris holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Richmond and currently serves on the Advisory Council to The James Beard Foundation's Impact Programs.

Meredith is our Creative Director, Sous Chef and Mixologist. Before Orange Door, she worked for seven years as a commercial interior designer focusing on client-centered workplace projects. She is a self-taught cook and amateur food photographer who considers the act of plating food to be akin to the act of designing space, just at a different scale. To her, each event is a unique opportunity to bring an idea to life.  Meredith holds a BA in Leadership Studies from the University of Richmond, a MA in Interior Design from Suffolk University, and a certificate in Foodservice Management from Cornell University through eCornell. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Farm to Fork Initiative, and collaborative convening working towards creating a better food system through advocacy and policy change.


Laodice Flanagan is our Prep Cook and Front of House Administrator. After spending years in a customer service career, she leaned into her passion for food at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, where she received her Culinary Certificate and stayed on as a Recreational Chef Instructor. She loves cooking, entertaining, and making the experience of creating in the kitchen accessible to others. Laodice has also taught food related workshops and classes at the Littleton Community Farm, where she serves as a volunteer board member in the education committee.


Sue Bumpus is our Kitchen and Front of House Coordinator. After stopping into Orange Door Kitchen on a whim, she was intrigued by seeing the principles of the sharing economy thrive in the pristine commercial kitchens, stunning demonstration kitchen and very comfortable co-working spaces. An avid home-cook and self-proclaimed foodie, Sue enjoys teaching cooking to friends and children as well as preparing healthy meals for busy families. When not at ODK, Sue enjoys hiking, skiing, playing tennis, reading countless cookbooks and spending time with her husband Jim and children John, Henry and Natalie.

We are all inspired by fresh seasonal ingredients, by seeing the world with our taste buds, by local artisans and brewers, and by you, our future guests.  We are passionate about bringing people together to celebrate life through food and, as such, can’t wait to work with you!